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Urdu Language – Online


Module 1: Introduction to Urdu Language

  • Overview of Urdu Language: History, Origin, and Evolution
  • Importance and Significance of Urdu Language
  • Urdu Script: Introduction to Nastaliq Script and Basic Alphabet
  • Pronunciation and Phonetics of Urdu Sounds

Module 2: Urdu Vocabulary and Grammar

  • Basic Urdu Vocabulary: Greetings, Common Phrases, and Expressions
  • Introduction to Urdu Grammar:
    • Nouns (Ism), Pronouns (Zameer), Verbs (Fi’l), and Adjectives (Sifat)
    • Sentence Structure and Word Order
    • Tenses (Past, Present, Future), Singular and Plural Forms

Module 3: Urdu Writing and Reading Skills

  • Urdu Writing Practice: Basic Stroke Practice, Alphabets, and Words
  • Reading Comprehension Exercises: Short Stories, Poems, and Simple Texts
  • Handwriting Improvement Techniques for Urdu Script

Module 4: Conversational Urdu

  • Daily Life Conversations: Introducing Yourself, Asking for Directions, Ordering Food, etc.
  • Role-Playing Activities for Practicing Conversational Skills
  • Listening Comprehension Exercises: Audio Clips and Dialogues

Module 5: Urdu Culture and Literature

  • Overview of Urdu Literature: Poetry, Prose, and Dramas
  • Famous Urdu Writers, Poets, and Literary Figures
  • Cultural Aspects of Urdu-Speaking Communities: Traditions, Customs, and Festivals

Module 6: Advanced Topics in Urdu

  • Advanced Vocabulary Expansion: Idioms, Proverbs, and Expressions
  • Advanced Grammar Concepts: Conditional Tenses, Complex Sentence Structures
  • Urdu Writing Assignments: Essays, Letters, and Creative Writing

This Urdu Language course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Urdu language, covering basic to advanced concepts in vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, speaking, and cultural aspects. Students will engage in interactive activities, discussions, and practical exercises to enhance their Urdu language proficiency.


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