Barcode Solutions

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Modern technologies can maximize workforce efficiency and company profitability. Our experts are committed to helping you tailor a solution to overcome any operational challenges and achieve your business objectives.


Field Mobility

Field workers are one of the most important direct interactions your business has to your customers. How well and effectively they perform is crucial to a positive customer experience.

Asset Tracking

Collecting and maintaining accurate records of your capital assets can be a time-consuming and costly task. The right integrated asset tracking solution will give you firm control over your company’s valuable equipment.

RFID Solutions

RFID technology further automates the process of gathering mission-critical information in real time at the point of business activity. The promise of RFID technology for organizations that manage global supply chains is that the increase in efficiency, data integrity and inventory visibility will lower costs, and deliver goods faster and more accurately to the end user.

Barcode & Label Printing

A printed label is a key component of any application in which items need to be identified quickly and easily. Though printed labels may seem unsophisticated at first, their benefits are very powerful, assuming they are created properly.

Wristband Printing Solutions

Printed wristbands are a secure and very cost effective option to identify individuals in a quick, reliable way. Given their low production cost, they are perfect for the temporary identification of patients, guests and event attendees.

Healthcare Tracking Solutions

We know that increasing pressure from the government and private payers to cut costs, shortages in doctors and nurses to provide quality care, and high service demands from patients are creating an intense need for error-free data capture and management in the healthcare field.

Barcode Verification

When barcodes are the means by which you track anything in your facility, making sure they are accurate and readable is critical. Every barcode that fails to scan turns into lost time, productivity and money.

FedEx Barcode Solutions

FedEx utilizes multiple barcodes on their shipping labels. There is a standard 1D code 128 that contains the FedEx tracking number, but there is also a PDF417 2D code containing more data about the actual address and recipient.

Healthcare Labeling

Clear labels are incredibly important for patient samples, medications, blood bags, and more – is your healthcare label printer up to the task? With heavy workloads and little time for poor-quality prints, your hospital needs efficient and high-quality labels for test tubes and blood bags.